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When we were coming back from Florida (it's a 19 hour car ride going 80-90 the majority of said 19 hours), we stopped in Nashville. The only gas station within three miles of the exit was the one that freakin' began the downtown strip, and therefore was the busiest gas station I have ever seen. Regardless, my two 21" Dell flatscreens (hitherunto referred to as 'my babies') were right next to the hatch in our suburban, and someone opened the hatch. Goodbye 900 dollars.

Needless to say, I was not enthused.

Luckily, because it was a church function, two brand new Dell 21" flatscreens were bought for me, and they both are shining bright in all of their glory at me right now. It's a sight to behold. One of the ones that fell out of the back of the burb just has a logic board snapped in half, so if I can either eBay the part or figure out how to turn it on without a power button, I'm home free, with tres flatscreens. My desk isn't even that big.

In development related news, I'm still chugging away at 0 AD. Right now I'm working on entity values that are parsed through XML. They handle basically every property of any entity in the game - basically my job is to get default values so we can get some form of a game together to be able to tweak them. It's not too hard, just learning a whole new system, parsing class, and code semantics is a difficult with a short time span. I'll see if I can go into more technical details in my next post, it's really very interesting stuff.

Until next time, avoid the voidhawks. (tell me someone reads pete hamilton books?)
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