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Carnegie Mellon Stuff, Again

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Prinz Eugn


Well, I wrote up a long entry about how I'm not really fully enjoying myself and lost it, but I'll try to recapture the magic in brief[rant time]:

Today was our first day of classes, starting out with Art 1(for everybody, dammit), which was pretty boring as I've already taken Art 1 in high school, plus all the stuff my mom has taught me(She's actually a professional). Hopefully it will get better when we eventually get into 3D modeling.

After that I had programming 1, which even though I have never really hard-core programmed, seems way to basic. We are basically going to go over logic and such, which is good, but we're goinf to apply it using some simple scripting thing (Alice 3D)devoid of any real code, it being literally there to tell us that in order to do something inn a program, you have ot tell things what to do. Our teacher apperently is a sound/music guy wih only a small backround in programming, and he spent as much of the class explaining how he was unprepared and doing a shitty job of explaining things as actually doing a shitty joob of explaining things.

I sort of sympathize with him, though, he apperently was informed a week in advance he would be teaching us, so I can't really blame him for being a little befuddled the first day, which he cut short because he couldn't think of anything more to explain. So a long lunch today.

After lunch we went to the ETC, a big building full of computers geared towards the electronic entertainment industry and had a tour of it. Afterwards we went into a couple of the labs and were distrubited our own copies of Warcraft 3, which we then played for two hours. I don't like very much it so far; gimme Starcraft any day.

It really makes a difference for the fun factor when you have to play a game in our case for a homework assignment, full of such brilliant questions as why level design is important, or what our favorite mission actually was and why.

Tomorrow we have our game design class, which should be interesting I think, because I feel I have experience in game design already(Angels 20+ Axis Shift), and a good sense of what are good ideas and what are badideas (although my own personal opinions may invetitably cloud this). We'll just have to see.

In other news, Half Life 2 is already one of my favorite games ever, even though I just got it last Thursday and haven't had the chance to play it much.
It would be awesome if we got to study that game instead of Warcraft.

I also managed to kick ass at a small Halo 2 LAN party, even though I though I was going to lose badly, seeing as the guys there cared enough about Halo to bring their Xboxes, not to mention most of the people here being pretty hardcore gamers in general.

Random project news consists of a possible multi-part series on the creation of one of the enemy bosses for Angels 22 in this journal, so hopefully less ranting and more drawing tomorrow for you guys.


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Original post by Prinz Eugn
as actually doing a shitty joob of explaining things.

Good joob on that one. [lol]

In other news, Half Life 2 is already one of my favorite games ever

Seconded. HL2 owns. [smile]

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You know what? You know what?

[This part left to your imagination]

That's right, your aunties.

Good day sir!

(Update tonight, btw [grin])

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