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Keeping the ball rolling..

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'Admiral Overalls' progress continues to move forward tirelessly. Me and Draffurd have until the end of Friday to finish our game, which means just a meager 4 days remain! I have a feeling that it's going to be very tight, but we should be finished the game by then.

Allow me to toss some more screenshots at you, dear reader. :)

(Easy to tell which maps I make, and which Draffurd makes :P)

(You'll just have to wait until you play to see what THIS enemy does!)

(Hey, who is that Commander beneath those sheets?)

What's new?

Music! Now a music track (MIDI format) can be associated with a map, to play continuously while the map is being played on. Draffurd is pumping out some wonderful tunes that really spice up the atmosphere of the game.

Death! Yes, now the poor Admiral can meet his demise. Luckily, he's armed with a number of extra lives that lend him a second chance. Thank goodness!

Door fixes! Now doors properly block enemies from passing through them -- who neglect to ever carry keys of their own -- and tomatoes now splatter all over the door frame rather than passing through unscathed. Both seem trivial, but it's the thought that counts. :P

Enemy death! Enemies now either "POP!", "BOIK!", or "SPLAT!" out of existance when pummeled with an ample number of tomatoes. There is also a rather attractive tomato-splatter animation. :)

And of course, as usual, a healthy number of bug fixes.

Once again, I think I'll reiterate (and brag a little, hehe) over how extremely pleased I am with how the game is turning out. I think AO will be me and Draff's most professional/polished game we've made, and maybe even the most fun! I certainly enjoy myself when I play over the few test levels we have, and I wrote the darned thing!
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Just to let you know, I just installed the .Net framework on my computer just for this game... and a few other things[wink]

Looking great, I'm really impressed with how much progress you guys have made, and Drafford's art looks incredibly old-school (which is a good thing in this case[grin]). Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to playing the game!

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Original post by Sir Sapo
Just to let you know, I just installed the .Net framework on my computer just for this game... and a few other things[wink]

Be sure you installed 2.0, and not 1.1. [smile]

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