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New pic and 4E5 stuff

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Well, I added another pic to the above gallery:

Flaming Skull Avatar

I about had a heart attack 3/4 the way through drawing it, since for some reason Photoshop decided it was going to just stall. YAY! So, I went through and closed everything else possible and went to get something to eat. Upon return, everything was back to normal (thankfully.)

It took a little longer than I wanted and didn't turn out anything like what I was going for, but it's the best skull I've ever drawn, so I'm ok with it.

4E5 stuff
Well, I got about '| |' this much work done on it since I finished the storyline. I fixed the problem I had with the map system (it would fringe everything) and then I realised that it was all for nothing. I myself like tiled buildings, but they're too repetitive, so I'm going to be hand drawing the buildings in the game (or modeling if I can get a chance to get some practice in.)

Ok, so it wasn't exactly 'for nothing' since I can now include cliffs, fences, flooring, etc., but whatever.

I just started playing Diablo II again. I had been playing it quite often a little while back, but I got robbed (all of my items from 2 different accounts were gone. I'm pretty sure who did it, but 'pretty sure' doesn't count lol.)

Another new pic
Ok, I added another new pic. I decided to practice my shapes, shading, and shadow. The new image is a cutout of a larger image, but everything else was just spheres, cylinders, and cubes. Sorry about it being so small.

Shading and Shadows

That is all.
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That's a sweet looking flaming skull - very nice!

I haven't actually played Diablo II online due to issues with my internet connection, but I occasionally get lured back into playing in single player. Although I don't know why; I always get bored at about the half-way point and quit. I think it's something to do with the music combined with the repetitive gameplay; it's just trance-enducing for the first couple of levels.

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Thanks Trapper! I forgot to add that if anybody wants to add the nifty flame effect to anything, hop over to nyah. This is the tutorial that I used to do my 2 logos as well as this (although I changed a few things for the skull.)

Yea, Diablo II is trance-inducing lol. I have a lot of internet problems when trying to play it as well coupled with the fact that it likes to completely freeze my laptop [depressed]. It's really a decent game and they just fixed a MAJOR problem with it (they had items you couldn't put into the trade screen, so people were dropping them on the ground to trade; a LOT of people were getting ripped off lol. Now they can be put into the trade screen.) They also update it every now and then with extras to make the game harder for veterans.

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