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Heading back home

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Trapper Zoid


It's probably better for me that Australia is out of the World Cup, because soon I will be losing the ability to watch the matches live in a sensible time zone.

That's right - today is the last full day of my European adventure. I'll be trying to finish off what I can here in the lab, packing, and early tomorrow morning shipping out to the airport to begin the thirty hour trip back to Australia. Wheeeeee.

Given I can't properly sleep on planes, and I only have three novels which I have read at least three times already, and there seems to be some kind of international law against showing good in-flight movies on a screen that's bearable to watch for more than five minutes, I'll be spending a fair bit of that time scribbling in my notebook. For the game development side of things, I'll see if I can sketch out my Mad Scientist game idea, the architecture for my game engine, and possibly a "Plan B" game idea in case the Mad Scientist game proves too much for me. That's probably a lot to ask for, but it is a long, long series of flights.

This probably also means I'll be spending less time lurking around the journals, given I've mainly been doing that because I've been getting a bit homesick and my poor grasp of Swedish means I don't properly understand the media around here [smile]. Although I'll be visiting my "old" home city of Melbourne for a little while before heading to Canberra, and so won't be properly back to my old routine, I'll hopefully be slowly moving towards productivity once more. Now that I don't have an academic conference and lab visit hanging over my head it should be easier to focus on both my research and my game development hobby (I hope, although there's always another conference coming up!)

By the way, is there a new ordering scheme for replies to journal entries? I've been responding to a few from the previous entries (don't know if anyone actually reads them!) and sometimes the ordering seems a bit out of whack compared to the usual time sequential system in the rest of the forums. Is that what is supposed to happen?
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Original post by ArchWizard
Superpig shed some light on the out-of-order journal comments problem here.

Ah, that makes sense; they're threads in disguise.

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Original post by Programmer16
30 hour trip? Geez that would suck. Methinks you need a laptop lol.

I have a laptop! Except it's a loaner, slightly old and damaged and the battery only runs for an hour.

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