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I have a problem....

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone,

EDIT: NVM, I solved it, turns out GIMP was actually keeping the purple color key when it exported the PNGs, all I had to do was tell it not to, problem solved!!!!

So today I switched all the textures over from color-keyed PNG's to PNG's with transparency layers, and all was going well, until I actually started playing the game. Now every rotated object has this purple fuzz around it, it's really wierd, because there isn't any purple whatsoever on any of the textures. I set the texture filtering to GL_LINEAR, because the larger textures look like shit when rotated with GL_NEAREST, but when filtering is set to GL_LINEAR, I get the purple fuzz. Anyways, if anyone knows what the hell is going on, feel free to let me know, because I'm at a loss.

BTW, here's a screeny of the purple fuzz:

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