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No More Problem...

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Hey everyone!

Now that I've solved my problem (see last entry), I can show you guys a screeny with the new textures in place.... well, you can't tell the difference, but it was a pain in the ass, and it was worth it, because now we can use linear texture filtering, which makes everything look better when rotated.

Anyways, I spent so much time trying to get the new transparency to work, that I... didn't do anything else[grin] But I do have a screeny that uses the actual airplane you'll fly in game, not my crappy one.

About to land my fighter on a mountain airstrip (Check out the FPS[grin])

Anyways, I should have a better post tomorrow, so stay tuned. Peace Out!
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Neat, the ground texture is a bit repetitive though, are you going to work on that?

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