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Note to Ravuya

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A couple of days ago, you mentioned that you had some cross-platform code that gets the friendly data-storage path, calling SHGetSpecialFolderPath on Windows and its equivalent on Mac.

If you could save me some work and get it to me, either by pasting it as a comment or emailing it to john@thecodezone.com, I will reward you by inflating your Shi Sen scores for the next three days.

Note to everyone else: You didn't see this. The scoring is completely fair. I never go into the SQL tables and improve my scores. I promise.
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Don't be in a hurry. I got it all worked out in the meantime. I would, however, like to get the mac code just in case the one I have doesn't work as advertised.

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Eh, I'm not home for another six hours, so no rush here.

I should really put a license on my game-library stuff one of these days, but am too lazy to. It'd probably just be zlib or mit.

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john, why don't you make some instant messaing software? In fact, why don't you creaate a protocol for sending messages to other people as if they were real mail, but sent electronically? You could make millions off the idea.

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Original post by HopeDagger
That's a good idea. I'll have to start doing this with my projects to get more bug reports out of people. :P

Wait, you don't give yourself 10x knife damage? Baloney.

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