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(complete game listing)

[x] ! Advance Wars: Dual Strike
[ ] ! Brain Age
[ ] ! Bust-A-Move DS
[ ] Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
[ ] Children of Mana
[ ] ! Final Fantasy 3
[ ] ! Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
[ ] Harvest Moon DS
[ ] ! Kirby DS
[ ] Kirby: Canvas Curse
[ ] ! Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass
[ ] ! LostMagic
[x] Mario Kart DS
[ ] Meteos
[ ] Metriod Prime Hunters
[ ] ! Nanostray
[x] ! New Super Mario Brothers
[ ] Sonic Rush
[ ] Star Fox Command
[ ] Steel Horizon
[ ] Super Mario 64 DS
[ ] ! Tetris DS
[ ] ! WarioWare: Touched
[ ] ! Worms: Open Warfare
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Aww, okay. I haven't even seen a copy on sale yet (too lazy to order), but I'll keep that in mind.

I'm really really wanting a DS RPG...

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Mario Kart is not fun. The Wi-Fi mode sucks. Tetris DS rocks in that matter. But don't expect lobbies or (voice/)chatting.

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I've been fighting the urge to pick up a DS.

My list would look similar to yours, but with the addition of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Trauma Center: Under the Knife.

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Original post by Pipo DeClown
DS RPG? Is Final Fantasy 4 making you horny? What about LoZ? DS Lite rocks!

FF4 is GBA, LoZ isn't out yet. LoZ and FF3 are very exciting indeed though.

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