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5 Hour Game... sort of

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Well, I was challenged to make a game in 5 hours today and I failed horribly lol. Actually, I didn't do too bad. I started at 12:15pm and I stopped at about 4:45pm (due to dinner and dishes.) I'm going to finish it up before the weekend as long as time permits. I have a ton of crap to get done on Malathedra.

Anyway, here are some screenshots [grin]:

Splash Screen

Main Menu

Help Screen

1 Entity

100 Entities

200 Entities

300 Entities

2000 Entities

I have the data-driven map system implemented (tiles and background), partial entity system (you can see them and they have (bad/wrong) collision detection), state system, and a Button widget. I did almost everything from scratch (meaning no code base except for my html log class, my Direct3D type-to-string converters, and my timer classes.) I wasted about 30 minutes on a different menu system before I realised I was a moron and went with the simple button system.

It didn't start slowing down until after around 220 entities.

Also, I used premade filler art to save time.


Anyway, back to work for me.

Edit: Oh, btw I'll post the source code after I finish it.
Edit: Fixed image subtitles
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