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Now I'm honorable =)

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Yes. I am here by among the honorable men and women with GDNet+ accounts.
I will try to make the most out off it =) starting with collecting some thoughts about what I'm going to do for a year until my university experiance starts.

I haven't coded any games since my school project Exoudus(miss spellt I know). But I have gathered my thoughts some anyway =).
But I don't have enough energy to plow through them now, the'll come in a another journal entry.

But anyway, my main point off this entry was to brag about that I support gamedev.net financially now...bye for now =)

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The title of your journal sounded so interesting I just had to check it out. [lol] Welcome.

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Hey there. I'm Jack. Oh, and I've returned. But you've only just arrived, so superhappyOMFGpewpewLazerbeamzRate++, and welcome to Journal Land.


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