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"But I'm nothing more than a line in your book..."

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I'm liking the song Juneau by Funeral For a Friend a lot right now. I know they're total NME 'media darlings', but it reminds me of when I went to randomly see them to check them out. To tell a lie, I went to see Further Seems Forever (before Jay left) and Funeral.. were supporting them. Both good bands, kicked a lot of ass - even if there were too many kids there. Maybe I'm getting old.

I've been working on a path system for Manta-X all morning; I need my enemies to follow scripted paths for motion etc. I could have easily defined all the paths in a scripting language, but it seemed like overkill when I just want them to follow a simple motion over a given time period. I did have a simple system like that in a previous version, it essentially set the motion states of a ship over a time period. It was fairly hackish, but did the job. This time, I've been working on creating a special path which consists of nodes. From there, you use a PathNavigator to traverse the nodes and feed back the movement over time. So essentially, I'd hook an object to a navigator (I'll develop several different navigator types for smooth paths and possibly A* finding, if needed) and the navigator would be responsible for feeding position co-ordinates to the object.

Shame I've got to go to work right now, it always seems that once I get into the swing of something I'm called away prematurely. I'll create a basic motion navigator (based on IPathNavigator) and have it move between a couple of relative co-ordinate sets. If it works how I want it, it will be very useful in this game and future games :)

On another note, I uploaded some code for a Mini Text Adventure example to my GDNet+ space. I knocked it up as a demo for a thread in the beginners forum (requested by the original author). It's far from optimal and completion, but any beginners who'd like to check out some basic OO STL list based code arranged in a simple text adventure setting, you may find it here. I may even expand it if I get bored. We'll see, but I have enough to get on with right now.

Anyway, work beckons. [sigh]
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