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Working on my first RTS game engine

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I have been working on my game engine for years now, and when I started I had no coding experience in C++ or OpenGL. I had some coding experience with Basic on the C64 but that was a long time ago. So I bought many books and started teaching myself how to program. Now years later I finally have something that looks like a decent rendering engine for my RTS game. Hopefully I will have a working version up and running by next summer... And Titan Quest is out, and I just picked it up yesterday. Catch you around gamedev.
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Welcome to journal land!
Looking forwards to progress on your engine... especially any screenshots! [smile]

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You have a rendering engine up now and you're not going to be having a decent game until next summer? [grin]

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Oh, hey! I'm Jack. Welcome to Journal Land, and superhappyOMFGpewpewLazerbeamzRate++.

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Thanks all for the nice comments and ratings!! I am so critical of my work that I get to embarrassed to show off my work, as I think it’s never good enough. I need to add in trees, rocks ect... to make the terrain a bit more realistic. I have water, sky, terrain done though. Shadow mapping, and PPL is also done. Model loading is done, and all is done in GLSL, C++. I hope to get tangent vectors up and working for my models soon, I would like to bumpmap them. If I ever get away from work, I could get back to coding. Argh. Time to sleep. Later all.

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Well I am not sure on what direction I want to take anymore. I am fairly decent with OpenGL, but DX keeps calling me. I been looking at the DXLibrary functions and the do a lot for a you when it comes down to it. As of now I am still having issues with calculating tangent vectors, and DX with do this with .X files as well as normal calculating. I have normals already but the point is less coding and reinventing the wheel. I just have this feeling if I was to move to DX I would be far more productive than I am now, for I am always having to code, code that is already done on DX, e.g. texture loader, model loader, ect... I knew coming into OpenGL this was the case but after years, I just want to make my game and not spend so much time knowing the inner workings, for the end game is to make a game not spend all day dreaming about it. Any advice or insight into this from others who have more experience than me would be great.

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