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Macs, Macs, Macs.

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I never thought I'd actually get sick of talking about new and sexier Macs, but I've spent almost the entire day about this stuff.

I was spending time at work checking out the Apple Discussions page to get ready to buy my new Macbook Pro, and answering a couple GDNet threads here and there. Then I came home and got Elcrazon to try out the new Glow demo on his Macbook Pro (which, under emulation, gets approximately 4X the frames per second as my Powerbook gets running it native [crying]). Now there's a new thread in the Lounge for me to answer questions about the product lineup.

On top of all that, I added a couple extra keys to Glow's control scheme to allow users with only one mouse button to use the "run towards cursor" method more effectively. It plays a lot like a Nintendo DS game when I use my laptop touchpad, which is not altogether bad.

Apple should probably start paying me money. Hell, the least they could do is take some more money off the Macbook Pro I'm replacing this Powerbook with next week.
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Apple needs evangelist positions like Microsoft, methinks. [smile]

So...approximately 4 job openings with no competition. :P

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Apple at one point did have an official evangelist: Guy Kawasaki. I don't know what's happened to the position since. It might have been filled by "Hi, I'm a Mac" guy.

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Should I feel bad for never having used a Mac? Actually, other than on the TV/internet I've never even SEEN a Mac. It's like bigfoot to me.

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You'd better go use one, then.

I'll wait here until you come back.

Back already?

Good, wasn't it?

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Original post by MindWipe

More like I need more to do at work. [wink]

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