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More OpenGL Game Programming Examples

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So, as some of you may or may not know I was responcible for the GLSL Chapter of More OpenGL Game Programming, a chapter which is lacking example code.

There is infact a good reason for this;

I initally wrote the GLSL examples in my own framework so that I could get screen shots and test code etc, which is great and all that but it does lack crossplatformness and others aren't going to have copies of my stuff laying around to let them compile the code.

So, I set about converting them to the MOGLGP example framework and hit a VERY hard wall with compiler problems.

This stalled me for some time, college kicked in and it kinda got back burnered.
It took a while but I did manage to port the code across in the end and I thought I'd sent it to Dave.
The dreaded harddrive crash then occured and amoung the losses was the newly ported code [cry]

A while back Dave got onto me about the code again, I explained I thought I'd done it and promised to get it done asap.
College work caught up with me again and then my personal life exploded in the most spectaular of manners infact nearly causing me to resign as a mod here (well, I effectively did for a bit but had 2nd thoughts after a few days and just took a few week break to go insane instead).

Why am I telling you all this?
Well, today I FINALLY sat down at the code, which last I'd tried was still having problems compiling, updated GLee and hit compile.
It did.
I tested it.
It worked.
I rejoiced for a bit and then got cracking on porting everything.

The net result is I've just sent Dave an email with all 9 examples attached for Win32 done and tested.

I can't promise when they will be up on the site, Dave is on holiday right now and I get the impression he'll be murdered if he spends too much time/any on a laptop doing gamedev stuff [wink] so it might take a couple of weeks.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks I'll also get some bonus examples + explainations done for the site, as a kinda 'sorry' for taking so long to my stuff together. This will include my mini-OGL Helper lib [smile]
The other reason I want to do it is I enjoyed the writing experiance so the chance to do some small stuff again and have it out there would be cool [smile]

I haven't decided what I'll be doing the examples on yet, I plan to touch on a few more 'advanced' GLSL concepts, the problem with that is not to jump too far beyond the other stuff covered in the book so I need to have a look at the book and see what I can work with [smile]

In other news;

Work hasn't stopped on the resource manager stuff either by the way, I'm just reading up on templates and the various techniques again, I don't want to rush things.

I'm also back considering getting a MacMini for cross platform reasons, between that and building an AMD64 machine for Linux reasons (mostly out of old parts, just need a CPU but those are about to be dirt cheap so.. Win!) I'll be able to cover all 3 OS's and port my libs about the place. (Thanks Ravuya for some info as well, even if it did contribute to a very Mac Day [grin]).

Anyways, look out for the code soon, hopefull Dave will announce it either in the OGL forum and/or the main news page when the examples are up and once again, sorry for taking so long guys, it really was my bad...
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