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Submarine Series 1

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Prinz Eugn


Hey guys, todya I have a pixelated computerized version of the concept submarine you saw earlier in an entry I put up while back while I was at my sweet New Mexico home.


The Game Academy at Pittsburgh is going good, actually. I mean it's not awesome, but it looks like things are going to pick up pretty soon. I talked to one of the graduate students who is the co-teacher of our art class and he seemed really into getting me started with Maya, which would be teh Awesome. I also found out I really suck at figure drawing, which was precisely what we did in our art class.
I think I'll stick to spaceships.

There's also going to be a Halo 2 tournament here, and I'm pretty sure I'm among the 1337est players here, so that should be fun, I'm actually going to go 'train' here in a minute.


So I did a computer submarine, which at home I would've created by inking it then scanning in the paper version, then refining it and working my pixel magic, but here it's all digital. This is the first part in a series of entries in which I'll chronicle the progress of this design from start to finished sprite(s) Here it is:

I didn't like where it was going at first, but now I'm warming up, I think.

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Hey. It's Jack. I'm back.

You're at Carnegie-Mellon, huh? That's pretty shwe. Where's Sapo gone off to, then? See, now I'm all jealous, cause you're all in college and I still have 1 more year. Whatever, though. Glad you seem to be having a good time!


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Actually it's a pre-college program- I still have one year of the ol' high school.
It's pretty much like college, only easier.

And jesus, you've been gone a long time -welcome back!

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