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Happy 20k/anniversary!

Happy 20,000 views! Happy (~6 day belated) GD.NET+ anniversary!

Wow, I'm pretty amazed that twenty thousand times people have bothered to click on the link leading to this little chunk of internet space. Sure it took a year or so (the beginning being rather inactive), but my development has become reasonably exposed. ;)

And another year of game development, to boot. Looking back to my first entry, I can see that things have changed a lot. I've completed several games this year, including Gundown and Magma Duel. Not to mention a few semi-complete ones: Skirmish Online, Admiral Overalls, and Star of Shadows. A big thanks to everyone who supported my hobby, which I hold a passionate attachment to. (Gamedev, that is!)

Awards + $$$

I received my two awards today at the highschool graduation. It was a little awkward, since I was already graduated. No ugly gown for me, but I stood out because I was the only person who had already graduated getting an award. :P

I received both the "Eric Knabe Memorial Award" ($100) and the "Computer Science Achivement Award" ($25). The money isn't the most important part at all, like I may make it seem, but I'm more honoured than anything else to be the recipient of them. I've led a rather under-the-radar academic life thus far, so these being the first awards I've ever really acquired is an achievement for me. ;)

Admiral Overalls

Let's not forget why we're here! [smile]

No screenshots to show tonight, mostly because what is complete can't be seen visually, really, and what's semi-complete is using programmer art which I refuse to show publically. [grin]

All enemies done. Phew, this took a while. Admiral Overalls has 12 different types of enemies, which I think is pretty good considering the time frame. 8 of them are unique, and 4 are variations of the same AI type of a few of the foes. Each is rather unique -- and in a few cases, VERY unique. I must warn everyone however of the sheer scariness of Crocodile-Man, hehe.

Overworld partially done. The overworld is the spiffy name for the big map that the player moves around to select what level they are to play next. Some levels will block passageways, so that the player must beat one level before being able to access others. I'm waiting on Draffurd's good-art(tm) for this, so no programmer art screenshots tonight!

Just two points? They sound small, but they've been a heck of a lot of work. It's also not to mention all of the bug fixes, optimizations, and refactoring that's been going on behind the scenes. You can trust me when I say that I've been working very hard on this. :)

Two more days left until the contest is over. I'm very sure that we'll make it, but it's going to be heck-of-a tight!
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Good luck! You've both done a great job so far, and I hope you win ^_^

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Your main character looks like a combination between Mario, Commander Keen, and Johnny Dash from Apogee's Monster Bash.

Looks great, though, and congradulations!


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