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The standalone games are basically done. I'm letting 'em marinade for a couple more days to see if any new bugs bubble up. If not, I'm gonna release 'em to the wild.

I probably ought to start making a couple of banner ads to put on the daily puzzle pages gently ushering people to the "buy some games" page.

Maybe I need to make one of those dopey "boxing glove" banner ad games, like "flick the thetans off Tom Cruise".

The Mac thing's working fine, although I don't know enough about networking to get the direct-cable idea working nicely. Seems like I cable the machines together, they swap IP addresses for a bit, everything works. . .then it stops working. Best I can tell, the Mac's not so excited about being connected to two networks, so at some point it just picks its favorite and drops the other one. Not sure.

VNC works fine, although I did drop the standalone VNC server when I discovered that the Mac has an "enable VNC" box in its setup. I also replaced the VNC viewer with UltraVNC Win32 Viewer. It works great. Speed is wonderful and the little JPEG artifacts are gone. All in all, a slow but not-bad setup.

Two annoyances, though. Both have to do with the fact that there's a whole buncha nuthin' hooked up to the Mac now. Since it doesn't see a mouse installed, the first thing it does when it starts up is bitch up a storm about how I don't have my bluetooth mouse configured correctly (because since there's not a mouse plugged in, it HAS to be a bluetooth mouse). I can't seem to convince the Mac that it's JUST FINE that there's no mouse. You'd think the fact that the mouse pointer is moving around is enough evidence that there's a mouse available, but it's unconvinced.

Ditto for the monitor. When I had it plugged into the Dell monitor, I had loads of resolution options. Now that it can't talk to a monitor, it assumes that it must be plugged into some archaic VGA monitor, so the only resolutions available are 800x600 or 1024x768.

I wish there was a setting somewhere where I could just tell it "Look Mac, trust me. You have a mouse and a really nice monitor connected to you. I know you can't see 'em, but they're there. Just roll with it."

John wistfully longs for the days when he could pop into regedit, change a bit somewhere, and make everything hunky-dory.

I'm installing the Flash 9 alpha on the Mac. I don't wanna install it on the Windows box because I have a product that's going live in a few days and I don't wanna risk it not playing nice with the existing Flash 8. Basically I'm gonna install it and recompile one of my games with it, just to see if the vaunted new VM makes a significant performance difference. If it does, I'll consider releasing the standalone games on Flash 9. If the difference isn't a big deal, I'll stick with what works.
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On the mouse bit you might try turning off Bluetooth completely (logo->System Preferences->Bluetooth->Turn Bluetooth off) and see if that helps.

On the resolution problem I've heard some people talking about using SwitchResX to solve various resolution problems with using minis in home theater setups. Give it a try. It has a 10 day free trial and has less than a $20 price tag if you decide to register it.

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