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Char's Cars!

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So, I'm going on a trip Saturday, so I figured I should finish creating the town:

The house with the robot guard toy in the window is your house. You start the game in there, and you can go in there to rest and recover health, or something.

Next to it is "Char's Cars", the car dealership. Later on in the game, when you've gathered enough money, you can buy a hover car (it's the future, and everything in the future hovers). Now, if anyone can guess the reference with the name, you get an imaginary cookie.

And finally, there is the town hall. There, you can talk to the mayor. Now, in the story (which I'll explain fully tomorrow), the mayor used to have your job. He lost his arm when he was surrounded by a group of monsters. Now he generally gives you advice and important missions. He also gives terrifying warnings, such as:

"Watch your back out there, kid. Given the chance, those things will bite your face off and use your skin as a rug."

And although you don't have to take the mayor's missions, they generally pay alot of money.

Anyway, I suppose the next thing to do is get the player working in the game. I'll do that when I get back.

Tomorrow, I'm going to fully explain this game's plot, characters, gameplay, world, and anything else I can think of. In retrospect, I probably should have done that before...but, oh well.

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Definately jealous of your project. Char's Cars is a refrence to the char variable type, no? Or is it deeper than that? Oh well, more later!

Oh, I'm back.


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"Watch your back out there, kid. Given the chance, those things will bite your face off and use your skin as a rug."

He missed his calling as an inspirational speaker. Our mayor just talks about budgets and trains and whatnot. No monsters.

I ended up cutting the "Mayor" character from Freezer 2, but in the original design he was supposed to tell you about his drinking problem by means of a script that triggered hookers to come out of his closets.

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Given that you and Mark are always referencing Gundam, I'm going to go with.. Char from Gundam

Yep. My brother is a huge Gundam fan, so I'm going to see if I can get him to actually draw a sprite of Char to run the dealership.

I thought the idea of a mayor giving terrifing warnings was pretty funny. He was origionally just going to be your boss, but I decided the town needed a mayor, so...

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