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On Tuesday the 13th, my family and I returned home from the Houston Muesum of Fine Arts to find a ~6 ton oak tree had fallen on our house. My mom's cell phone was in the trunk, mine was off, and my dad didn't have signal in the museum, so it was a suprise for us when we got home and saw a tree sticking out of the house.


Let's start with the interior. A big hole in the ceiling of my parents' bedroom:

From the attic:

All the rubble that got knocked out of the hole in my parents' bedroom:

lol insulation?

Shots from the master bathroom. It broke a lot of the plumbing when it came down, and there is quite a bit of water damage on the first floor:

And now the money shots:

And from the back:
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Sorry about your house THOR :( <3 xxx

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That sucks, dude. Hopefully you can return to SS3 work soon. [wink]

But seriously, we were worried for a bit and I'm glad you're OK. Take as long as you need to get back up and running.

BTW, don't touch fiberglass insulation bare-handed.

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Wow, that looks rather nasty. At least nobody got hurt! I wonder if insurance will cover this? Looks like some fairly extensive damage.


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Wow...thank goodness you all weren't there when it happened. Hope you get things back to normal soon.

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No, but really, that's screwed up, man. How are you going to take care of that kind of thing (financially)?


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Sucks "tree damage" included under liability for the purposes of insurance?

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