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Pipo DeClown


I will not leave GDNet+ Subscribers-land [to be exact: 5 days] without shameless advertising! (Not really shameless.. but advertising? Yes.)

BooGame is a 2D graphics engine (uses OpenGL for rendering) for C#. The engine supports scripting using the Python-like .NET language Boo, in which you can even script a whole game (if you want to). It's heavily under development, but that does not even a little bit mean it's not useful right now. Being under development is actually a good thing, since an OpenSource project would definitely improve from user feedback. So download the package, test the Examples and see for yourself.. Don't forget to sign up at the forum to give feedback to Rob Loach! [wink]

O and by the way, there will be a new release soon, that includes:
_ A GUI system.
_ Improved Font drawing. (No need for generated font-bitmaps anymore!)
_ More documentation.
_ More more mooooooooooooore!!

Spread the Source.
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Myeah, honestly, I don't really have to get a GDNet+. I'm not a regular blogger, nor do I need the webspace. The real thing I'm gonna miss is the tag and perhaps my avatar. But I always liked GDNet even though the board used to be outdated.

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