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Data Structures For Game Programmers

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I'm currently reading Data Structures For Game Programmers. I think it is quite a good book. It has been beneficial to me as a knowledge consolidator and has exemplified concepts to me that I had dabbled with but never thought about using to their full potential. One fundamental data structure I had never used before was hash tables!

I think I am reading this at the right time as I am designing a game and engine from the ground up and this has helped me to think about data organisation from new angles while filling some holes in my game programming basics.
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I just got a basic subscription to GameDev.net and was poking around the site and came to your journal. You said you had a hard time doing graphics and doing the storyline, but the programming was easy. See, I feel completely opposite. I can make some decent graphics and I'm pretty imaginative when it comes to storylines. I THINK I could program too, but I can't seem to learn anything because the vc++ 6.0 always gives me linker errors when I try to build stuff. I've been programming for 14 years off and on, I started when I was 10 with a Tandy T80 and learned basic, then I tried c++ but I always had problems compiling so I started using this unknown Euphoria programming language. It was really easy, but not windows based. Then I got into Java and it was really easy so I stuck with it. I didn't get all the stupid linker errors too, which probably kept me going for so long. But now that I've got my programming structure down and a good idea of oop, I decided I should go back to c++ and really get my ass in gear and try to learn it if I'm really going to be serious about programming games. So I did some refresher stuff and relearned about pointers and all that. It's simple, I know I can do it, but as I try to learn DirectX I keep getting these linker errors, sometimes they compile and sometimes they don't and I THINK I'm including the libraries, but I don't really know. I just give up and go back to learning 3ds studio max, which I'm making awesome progress with.

Anyhow, I've got plenty of ideas, and I'd be willing to help you with the artwork so you can have tangible art to play with while testing. I don't know what you would need and I don't have a portfolio or anything, because I'm still learning, but I'm confident that I could do just about whatever I've seen in any game. I could do my own programming if I could get vc to work, but I'm clueless.

Anyhow, if you're interested in working together or even just chatting about whatever, give me a hollar...


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