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I'm a man version of Martha Stewart now.

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Today I'd like to share one of my favorite recipes. It's for a scrumptious little number I like to call The Happy Geek. This is a bit of a personal thing - it only serves one - so it's great for those all-by-yourself weekends when you just want a special treat. Don't enjoy this around your friends, though, or they're liable to stop being your friends very soon.

The Happy Geek: Ingredients
  • 1 geek; initial mood not really important

  • 1 game development career

  • 1 copy of Music From and Inspired By the Film 'Monster' by BT

  • 1 DVD player or equivalent device

  • 1 surround sound system

  • 1 bottle IBC Cherry Limeade

  1. Place geek into game development career; allow to settle.

  2. Connect DVD playing device to surround sound equipment.

  3. Carefully fill DVD player with music DVD containing the DTS goodness

  4. Open Cherry Limeade

  5. Combine game-developing geek, music, and beverage in dimly lit room

  6. Play music and pour beverage into geek (slowly and carefully)

  7. Allow to sit for several hours

Guaranteed to produce good results!
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