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Submarine Series 2

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Prinz Eugn


Well today I have another in my Submarine Series, along with the standard updates of how my life is going.

Carnegie Mellon

Today we has game design, where we learned how to brainstorm, with all these techniques laid out for maximum benefit of the group. The cool part about it is while I never really cared for being told how to do stuff like that, Sir Sapo and I basically do everything they named already whenever we talk about ideas for our games, which is pretty sweet.

Outside of class, there's that Halo 2 tournament, which is looking pretty cool right now. Apparently I'm the shit at that game around here, although I'm sure there's guys that could kick my ass somewhere here.

I played on one of my floor-mates' Xbox Live account while he was watching, and he was impressed, and I was too, I was doing good. It's a good self esteem thingy to have someone tell you "Jesus! you're crazy!" at something and then proceed to tell everyone that enters the room to watch how awesome I am.

Good stuff.

It's a Submarine

So today I messed with the submarine's 'lines' and colored it in, with some basic shading and Camo. As an artist's note, the numbers are simple MsPaint color coordinates and the green is a good neutral backround color for me. Har it is:

I came up with it's primary defensive weapon other than it's fighters to be a couple of large caliber pop-up gatling turrets, along with some SAMs launched from torpedos, so you'll have to watch your back as your fighting it, because they may surface behind you. I have other boss ideas that you haven't heard, but I'll run 'em past Sapo first.

Have a good time period
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Yeah, the submarine is pretty sick nasty. Wow, so we're the same age, huh? Any chance you're lookin' at schools in the New York Metropolitain area ;-)? Well, anyhow, sounds like things are going great. Keep up the good work!


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I'm liking the sub, although you do realize that you'll only be able to see the top 1/3 of it right[grin] (or have you come up with something completely awesome?).

In any case, keep up the good work!

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Nice shading, I like it. The only part that really needs some cleaning up is at the top, the lines are kind of weird and it seems to be rather flat.

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Thanks guys!

TraderJack- Sorry, New York's too friggin' far away from New Mexico for me, plus it's cold, my aunt went to Columbia, though, I could ask her.

Sapo- Well, if the sub dives after you blow it's cover and starts shooting missiles at you from underneath the water, you're gonna have to get it underwater. Once you hit it, it's going to have to do a crash surface ala those famous videos they show on the Military Channel. This will of course be extremely cool, and will reveal more of the sub. After it surfaces the gatling cannons pop-up and try to rip you apart.

Gaheris- Worked on it a bit today, so it's looking better.
I didn't finish the conning tower too much because I plan for a big ol' red star to go there along with other more detailed stuff I didn't feel like doing yet.

In other news, more stuff tonight, maybe another boss that I'm excited about.

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