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Heh, [see last post] I am apparently quite good at searching for trivia. The company sent along more assessments for me to muddle through. Whatever pays the bills.

Speaking of bills, I broke down and got the parts for my new machine. I figured the only thing that would be worse than not getting a job and getting kicked out of my house was to then have no (semi-modern) computer to keep my skills fresh and boredom at bay. I was one of the few Americans with no credit card debt, so I figured this was as good a time as any to make use of that and parlay the debt into something managable until income does arrive. And if not, at least I'll have a decent computer to email the chapter 11 attorney.

I kid, I kid, I'm nowhere near that yet. Still, I'll be thrilled when I set my eyes on an offer letter.

Overall, this house is pretty fantastic, and just as advertised. No "character" problems like it happens to flood during the rain, or one room is 10C colder than the rest of the house, or the neighbors are nudists... No none of that. The house though did come with mice.

My folks' house had rodentia on occasion, fairly sizable ones, maybe 2-3 inches long in the body. They'd have to set traps, and after a dozen stolen treats they'd eventually catch the thing. They caught about 5 over my childhood.

The mice here are a lot smaller, barely over an inch long in the body and far lighter. I have no idea where they live or how they got in here, but they're probably here before we moved in. My wife though is a crazy cat lady (in training). The cats (two are actually large kittens still) have killed 3 so far in the past 9 months or so and there's at least one more still alive somewhere.

Hopefully that computer won't take too long to ship or have too many problems in transit or on locale so I can get working on MoE again.
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We used to have mice like that when I lived in Belgium - a word of warning - make sure to get the proper kind of mousetrap. When we went to the store they were out of the little mousetraps so we got some of the rattraps, which look exactly like their smaller counterparts except larger.

And let me tell you, when one of those springs on the fucker it doesn't just kill the mouse. It can snap its neck clean off. Which is not fun to clean up.

FYI :|

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