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TKC2.0 Preview Releases Launched

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OK, I've finally gotten around to putting out the first Preview Release of TKC2.0 (Taste the Goodness). This release, as you'll probably notice very quickly, does pretty much nothing. Heck, it doesn't even have that fancy trademark TKC icon yet.

This release is not so much about functionality - it's something of a motivational tool. Since the previews are now officially flowing, I hope to find that extra bit of energy to actually continue updating the project and putting out improved versions.

The next part of the plan is of course to take care of mundane little details like actually counting keys and stuff. The core counting code will be done first - just counting and display (via the tray icon and popup menus). Once that is in place I'll put up another preview release.

After that, I'll work on putting in the settings system so you can configure your username and password, and actually record the stats (so they aren't lost when the program exits). This will constitute preview release 3.

Once all that is in, my plan is to add the new mouse mileage feature. That's the current biggest wildcard as I have no idea how I'm actually going to do it yet [smile] But once that is in, I'll put up a preview with that stat so everyone can start playing with it.

That leaves the interesting half of the project, which is of course the actual submission of stats to the TKC server. I'll be doing a fairly hefty bit of security features for TKC2.0, so this stage will probably be slow. Plus, I'll have to be totally rebuilding the site and database as well - lots of work here. Once all of that is ready to go, TKC2.0 will officially enter Beta stage, and we'll do one last round of bug-hunting and suggestion-gathering before 2.0 goes gold.

Expect all of this to happen sometime about forty billion years from now [smile]
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Guest Anonymous Poster



I am a Java/PHP/C developer with some spare time on my hands. If you wouldn't mind, I would like to help out with the TKC project. You can see my portfolio at http://www.3tree.info/


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Guest Anonymous Poster


Sorry, I forgot to include an email address: brenton.fletcher@rcd.com.au

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