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La de da

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*crawls out of the corner while dusting himself off*

What! What makes you think you can just waltz into this journal like that without knocking! Guess you want me to say something important or inspire your mind with some sort of motivation so that you can walk back out of here with some level of gratification. Well, you won't get that here, go open another door. This dreaded place is filled with the likes of sorrow and pitty that nobody can restore. Twenty-nine sun rises will forever lock this waste of space into a forgotten position, added to those who came before me.

*begins to crawl back into the corner*
*pauses for a second to recite a memorable quote*

A wise man by the name of William Channing once said, 'Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.'

*flips a coin into the air*
*leaves role-play mode*

I finished a very small little clone slider puzzle game with somebody. I definitely enjoy working in a team more so than soloing all of the time. Can't guarentee that we found all bugs, so if you find something - PM me.

Download Ascending Order

I also finished a short story (roughly 7k words) a couple of weeks ago. It has been found to cause some warming attention by the writing.com community, so that is encouraging. I've limited the viewing audience, though if you are reading this and have wrote something on writing.com - feel free to visit it and check some of it out.

View Redemption

*enters role-lay mode*
*returns to his corner*
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I got an access violation when trying to run the binary ;_;

Windows XP SP 2
Intel Centrino (2.0GHz)
ATI x300 Mobility

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