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Life, the Universe, and the rest of the Design

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So, I stated that I would tell all of my idea's for the design of this game that I have so far. Well, I intend to do that today. Keep in mind though, I haven't come up with names for alot of the characters and locations (I haven't even come up with the name of the planet that the game takes place in), so bear with me on that. I'm not very good with coming up with names.


If you are to compare Earthman to any existing game, imagine a Sci-Fi version of 2D Zelda, that has Robotron style shooting gameplay.

The aim of the game is action, exploration, and some puzzle-solving. There is a main quest to follow throughout the game, but beating just the main quest would be like beating Sonic 3 without the Chaos emeralds. You could do that, but then you wouldn't get the super secret fun prize ending.

The side-quests involve collecting artifacts of the extinct alien civilization that used to live on the planet.

Like Zelda, you will explore the main map, while also going to numerous dungeons. You can gain money by killing various monsters and collecting artifacts. That money can be used to buy new equipment and items.

On your quest, you will find various items to help you out. These include hoverboots which allow you to travel over gaps, among other things.



Now, I've had many different concepts for the story, and the current one I'm developing will probably end up being the final version. So, I'll put here what I have so far.

The planet where the game takes place has very similar features to Earth. It is about 90% ocean. The other 10% is a pangea continent.

A History of the Alien Planet

Thousands of years ago, a race of beings formed on the planet. They were the first beings on the planet capable of using tools. They mostly wandered around the landscape hunting for food and establishing farms and towns.

One day, one of these creatures ate a strange looking fruit he found on a tree. He than felt weak, and fell unconsious. After waking up, he told everyone that he had a strange dream, and had seen the future of their planet. Although they didn't believe him at first, they were impressed with the way he described it, and how he could draw the figures that had appeared in his dream. He also described how their civilization would be destroyed, with a terrifying picture of a devil figure.

He would lead the creatures in developing new technologies, and forming their first government. They made him official leader, and under his rule, all of them were unified and in a state of prosperity. The vision he had in his dream became the planet's official religion. Years later, he died.

After that, two of the creatures wanted to be leader. However, they had a fundamental disagreement about the religion. One thought he ate the fruit on a saturday, while the other thought he ate it on a sunday. In reality, he ate it on a Friday, but nobody knew that until years later. The leader who believed he ate it on saturday took all of his followers and moved to the left side of a river that divided the island. The other leader kept on the right side of the river, with all of his followers. Those factions would control their respective side of the island for hundreds of years. The two sides of the island waged war for hundreds of years.

And hundreds of years later, scientists on the right side developed a new weapon that they believed would destroy those on the left. It was a massive robotic creature, that could destory natural resources, kill, and bring living beings under its control. One of the scientists had the bright idea to design it after their version of the devil, to "Strike fear into those lefties".

The weapon was sucessful, destroying all civilization on the left side of the island. However, the weapon turned back, and destroyed everyone on the right side too, therefore fulfilling the dream had by the first leader. Than it went into "hibernation", extracting the planet's natural resources gradually. Also, the weapon took control of most of the animals on the planet, making them hostile and flesh-eating.

Over the next thousand years, genetic descendants of the old civilization roamed the planet, living a nomadic life. They spoke the same language, but had nowhere near the technology of their ancestors. They are never able to settle into one place, because when they try to, they are quickly overrun by hostile monsters.

Meanwhile, across the galaxy, humans have discovered how to succesfully travel across space. They have already colonized several planets, and have now arrived on this planet. The humans establish one town on the planet, but are unable to establish anymore due to the various monsters roaming around.

After coming in contact with the alien race on their planet, the humans form a friendly relationship with them. In exchange for the aliens helping the human's research of the planet, the humans must help the aliens combat the monsters.

The main character is an explorer who has come to the planet for a job, and to gain fame and riches for exploring it.


As you can probably tell, I have many ideas for the plot, and I'm still trying to make them work together. The other thing is, I only have the backstory so far! I don't even have most of the in-game plot.


These are various locations that will appear across the island. Obviously, this isn't all of them, just those I've thought of so far.

Human Town - A Colony established by humans and protected from monsters by an energy shield. In the game, this serves as a home base for the player, where they can recover health and buy equipment.

Alien settlement - A small settlement by the nomadic alien race. During the game, the player will gain information here about how to combat the monsters, and about the planet itself.

Mystery Lab (dungeon) - This is the first dungeon you'll encounter in the game. Apparently, a group of human explorers vanished while trying to explore this lab.

"Lefties" City (dungeon) - 2nd or 3rd dungeon (you pick which one you want to explore first). Ruins of the civilization that lived on the left side of the island.

"Righties" City (dungeon) - 2nd or 3rd dungeon (you pick which one you want to explore first). Ruins of the civilization that lived on the right side of the island.

Arctic ruins (dungeon) - 4th dungeon. Ruins of a mysterious city covered with snow and ice.

Inside the weapon (dungeon) - The last dungeon in the game. You beat the game after defeating the boss of this dungeon.



Here are the characters I've come up with so far.

Main character - Who the player plays as. Not much is known about him, other than he is an explorer looking for work on the alien planet.

The Mayor - Town Mayor. He was the only one who escaped when a group of explorers vanished while exploring the mystery lab. Now he simply sits in the town hall giving dubious advice and warnings.

Chad Chadington - Rival explorer. Although, not much of a threat to you because he has yet to find anything noteworthy.

Joe - Owner of the general store.

Ray - Owner of the weapon shop.

Char - Owner of the car dealership. Looks familiar...

Eldar - Leader of a tribe of alien nomads who roams the planet. Gives advice on how to fight monsters and about the planet.

The weapons brain - Boss of the game. Haven't really thought about what this is about though[lol]


Well, that's all I've come up with so far. However, I'm hoping you guys can help me out with something:

Name that Planet Contest!

As I said, I'm really bad at coming up with names. However, I need a name for the alien planet. If I have that, I can also derive the name of the alien race from that. So if you think you have a good idea for a planet name, post it here. When I get back from my trip, I'll pick the best name.

Whoever wins the contest will be featured as an NPC in the game!


Well anyways, I'll be going to Ohio tomorrow to visit family, and I'll be back in about a week.
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how about zeon (zee-on) and the people can be called zeonites (zee-o-nites)

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Nice...a logical reason for all the wildlife on a planet being hostile to whoever walks past. Usually if the subject is mentioned at all it's explained "Uhh, it's magic. Evil magic."

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Great story, especially the whole why these people are fighting thing.

As far as a name goes: I suggest a town name that lets you call its people Canucks, maybe Can ,Canne, Cannu, or Canutopia. Just a suggestion.

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