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[x] Sonic Rush
[x] Tetris DS

I was considering getting Brain Age instead of Sonic Rush, but decided that Tetris would be working my brain enough as it was. I like to buy across genres, and felt that (since I beat the New Mario Bros) I could use another platformer.


I'll post my initial impressions tommorrow after I get back from work. Probably. And I still have to write up how to get devkitARM to work with MSVS. And yadda yadda. Haven't forgotten yet :)
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I'll be sure to let you know. I watched some gameplay videos on IGN and was pretty impressed. Granted, I was really hoping to pick up Kirby Canvas Curse (looks bloody awesome from the videos) but they didn't have any copies :(

Going to try out Tetris first though. I <3 Tetris.

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Did you get a GBA memory card or something? (Like Supercard..) I think it would be cool to do homebrew on the DS. Especially when you think of the touchscreen and wifi possibilities.

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Not yet - they're kind of expensive.

Additionally, getting DS code to run off a GBA flash cart is really tricky - there are a couple ways of doing it, but basically all of them require special hardware beyond just the flash cart. The basic methods are to flash the firmware (boobies!), get or make a PassMe, or hijack a wifi card to download launcher code to your DS which'll run code off the cart (WiFiMe).

They've all got their advantages and disadvantages, but they're all a real pain to work. At this point, I'm just doing GBA stuff and not even touching DS stuff. Though I have taken a look at how some of the DS stuff works, and it is very cool - the touchpad API is very intuitive.


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You should click my profile, and view the latest topic I created (about GDNEts policies).

I wonder if we can discuss that kind of thing here. It's basically not much different from "hacking your XBox" instead of "acquiring an XBox developers license". But in any case, I ordered a Superkey + Supercard miniSD bundle from I REAAAAALLY want to try out the DSOrganizer app and a few more (HelloDS Voip, PointyRemote [perhaps could use this to hand-draw in PhotoSHop?]), and of course, create a few myself. I can't wait to make an app so I can control my PC from my room (yes my PC sits in the living room). And with DSLinux I can finally surf the web. Been wanting to do that for soooo long.

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Meh, I doubt they'd have a problem with it... *goes and reads thread*

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