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1000 replies in 15 months

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Random bit of trivia...

Seems that my reply to Neil's was doubly special. Not only did he reply at the exact same time as my previous reply (go on, check the time signitures!), but mine is also the 1000th entry in this journal.

That makes my journal, which has been running since March 2005 (if memory serves me well) - a little over 15 months - as the 14th most replied to thread or the 6th most replied to journal. All around the same time that I passed the 50,000 views mark....

Thanks to all of you who deemed my ramblings worth reading and commenting on [grin]
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Original post by sirob
Also, good luck with C# (and about damn time! [lol])...
Okay okay! I get enough comments from remigius about MDX/.Net/C# [grin]


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