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A journey begins

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Hey everyone,

I am Wijnand, I am mostly an Java programmer, but I have decided to attempt and pursue a long time goal of mine, to try and write a simple C++ game in directx and basically make a fool of myself ;).

I have bought a few books in C++ and have basically aquired a book that explains to me how to write a basic FPS engine, my goal is to write in my journal how this is going along, and basically try to understand the code, and then change it to my needs and pursues. The goal is for me to make a fast paced FPS. Weapons - probably a pezshooter! who knows! its all about fun and having fresh ideas huh? ;) Hell maybe the main persona will be a teacher throwing erasers at angry students :P.

If people want to contact me, I am available at wijnand[at]dalmijn[dot]com and I will gladly help anyone with questions, although at the time of this entry my knowledge is quite limited :)

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Why don't you make your game in Java with JOGL? Java is a perfectly respected language and I've seen some great 3D games produced in it that run well on all platforms.

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Welcome to Journal Land! Here be some ++ for ya :D

Original post by Ravuya
Java is a perfectly respected language...

Sorry, I couldn't read that with a straight face [lol]

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uhmm well,

I do not like java very much :P

And C++ is what most developers use, and i like a challenge :)

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