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My cat causes paper jams

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Evil Steve



(Yeah, I have a lot of Game Programming Gems books. And yeah, I haven't got around to putting the box for my camera away)

A closer look

Lets remove some paper...

...and climb in again

End result:

Competition: Guess what the text on the page in the last image says. Winner gets a cookie and ++ratings if I haven't already rated you. "Winner" is the person who gets the closest or most humourous answer.
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Recommended Comments

"Creature, your ugly face has the smell of raw excrement."

(Judging roughly by the word lengths. I'm not sure what to do with that bunched-up mess towards the end of the line - are there actually two lines there that overran a bit?)

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#3 is so cute [inlove]

No, seriously, I reckon an animation based on those photos would make an awesome b3ta entry. Especially if the cat got words printed on its face [evil]

Anyway, my attempts at image manipulation via PSP reveal nothing. Although I am quite convinced that your cat is not only reading the text but is also not even slightly impressed at what its reading. That expression says more than any words ever will.


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Guest Anonymous Poster


I'VE FOUND YOU. I mean hello.

Stop talking about 'fapping' in relation to your poor cats. You've taken your sexual prefrences to a new low.

I like the second pic, Biccy is so cute,


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"Step away from the paper pussy! I have edges and am not afraid to use them!"

I also think the page underneath would have brown smudges on it :-)

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Guest Anonymous Poster



er, it's chloe.

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