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Breaking Ties

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My entry titles need to get less punny.

Okay, NOW we're getting somewhere. The last couple of days I've been working substantially on this little thing. For starters, I've created a slightly modified executable which is designed so that I can work easier with the actual pathfinding, rather than just get a botch-job mutilation of my main executable. It still has most of the same base code, but I can focus entirely on the pathfinding without worrying about screwing anything else up. Secondly, I've added the mighty power of obstructions. Thirdly, I've got some nice tiebreakers going, so the damned thing doesn't search more than it has to. I even worked out what was slowing the damned thing down, and it runs much faster now.

My next goal is probably variable terrain costs, which I imagine being pretty easy. But right now I have to clean up this mess that I live in called a "room". This place is uncomfortably sty-like.

Good hunting.

Edit: Okay, why not. For the morbidly curious who are just dying to try out the pathfinder itself (like anybody gives a damn,) here you go. Controls are in the readme. Tell me if you notice any glaringly weird bugs that I may have overlooked. Enjoy.
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For a pathfinder test, that was kind of fun. I didn't have any problems with the program or the pathfinding. I made a little maze on it to find a path through, which was cool to see. I also found the name quite amusing, until I realized that it meant A-Star, not just Astar, which sounds funny to me for no good reason. Good work!

AStar Maze

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