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Okay, okay, I know this is really bad. Really bad.

So a couple of days ago someone in TA posted a link to a game called CABAL Online. Right now, its in a closed-BETA test phase; they have signups but they're handprocessed applications, apparently.

I filled out one of these applications for kicks and went "blah blah UVA CS student blah blah used to play Maplestory" thinking that it was a cool looking game and I wouldn't get accepted.

Well, got the acceptance letter in my inbox today, gonna take a gander at it >_>

If its any good, I'll let you guys know. The videos on their site look pretty sexah, but its still a MMORPG and those are, as we all know, completely devoid of any redeeming gameplay elements.

If anyone else plays CABAL, drop me a link and we can meet up in-game so you can gimme gold or something [lol]

(Oh, and if you register an account on CABAL, you can put that you were referred by "Hailia" - also note that you're a programmer and know how to diagnose errors and such and blah)
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The part mentioning the part about non-existence doesn't exist, therefore it was implicitly implied that it doesn't exist. Explicitly, neither this nor the previous statement exist either.

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