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Something Cool... Tomorrow

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I've been working on that robot pretty hard, trying to make it as good as possible , sort of as a demonstration of my current abilities at the pixel-level, and it's turning out good so far, but it's not done.

So Tomorrow. Well, whenever I say tomorrow it doesn't turn out that way, but still, I'ma gonna try.

Oh, yeah -this journal broke a thousand views a while back, which was cool, especially since I've only been around for 2(?) weeks or so. Keep up the good work guys, I really appreciate the interest.

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Competent? Sort of. Anybody with any idea how to actually make a game? No.

The most competent people I have encountered were probably the strippers I had to sit next to on the bus("I count my money an' there was a twenty missin' so I talked wit that bitch about takin' my money - I'll kick her ass if she do it again!"). It was amazing.

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