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So yeah. MMORPGs suck - though CABAL Online has plenty of quests for you to complete so you don't have to grind, the gameplay is basically ugh. Target, skill 1 skill 2 skill 3 (loop for harder targets) target skill 1 skill 2 skill 3.

Another thing - THEY HAVE NO BLOOM. Seriously. I can't play games that don't have HDR bloom anymore. Everything just looks so... bland.

They do have this one cool spacial distortion effect, I think they call it a motion blur, but its not. Basically, they render the frontbuffer onto a texture or something, then stretch it onto some primitives so it warps the area. Its pretty cool, but if you look closely enough you can see the outlines of the warping meshes.

I dunno. The combat (which is the brunt of the game) is just far too repetitive for me. Like, while I was playing I was thinking 'you know, I'm wasting my time with this' - a good game should keep my mind's attention so I don't have time to think stuff like that.

Next DS games I'm going to get (In a couple weeks >_> I'm broke) are most definitely Kirby Canvas Curse and Brain Age. I want to work my noggin.

PS: Going to write up the devkitARM4VS mini-tutorial now [grin]
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