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I don't know why but I'm completely unable to motivate myself to work on any personal programming stuff. I suspect it's largely due to the weather, as it's become oppressively hot and sticky around here the last few days and sitting infront of my computer isn't the most comfortable of places in the house.

Lack of sleep probably isn't helping either - a couple of my housemates (both italian girls) have a habit of turning up in the wee hours of the morning with hordes of friends in tow (and sans keys, which usually requires waking me up to let them all in). Cue several hours of loud talking while I try in vain to get to sleep.
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Where is the most confortable place in the house? Where do you spend most of your freetime indoors?

If you're in your own place, you could try moving your computer to a more unoppressive environment. I use a laptop, and rove around occassionally to mix it up. You know - BAM! ...kick it up a notch. Hur hur hur.

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Actually thats probably part of the problem - there is no place indoors which is comfortable. Short of setting my computer up on the balcony (not even slightly practical) theres nothing I can do about it.

I usually don't mind hot weather, but this sticky, oppresive heat we're having at the moment just isn't good.

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