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It's been a while. I had the poor fortune of getting the flu a few weeks back, which basically put me in bed and unable to program for a while. I got it at the Strung Out/Death By Stereo concert (which was awesome btw). That'll teach me for going out in public.

Not a huge amount has been happening, but I did get my official thesis results last week. I got a Rank 1 (no modifications, no revisions, no re-submission), which makes me very damn happy. Apparently not that many people from my uni get that, which makes it all the sweeter. With a bit of luck I'll be graduating in early August, which marks the end of formal education for me.

I recently picked up a license to Torque Game Builder, which has caused me to start designing many shitty 2D games. The first that I actually implemented (in C#, I'm still learning Torque) is Rings. It's meant to be a cross between Columns (or Squigz for the Amiga nuts) and space invaders. It sounded good in theory.

You move the spaceship in a circle around the rings using the left/right keys, and shoot a block using the space bar. When you shoot 3 of the same colour block in a row, they disappear shrinking the ring. Every 2 seconds a new block is added, making the ring larger. Once it gets to a certain size, the game is over. My hope was that it would prove addictive and enjoyable like Tetris, but it's not [depressed].

It proved reasonably fun and has some potential, but is a bitch to control. It needs to have the speed of movement/time of new blocks/etc. tweaked to make it better, but I don't know if it's worth the effort. If anyone is interested, the absolutely horrible source code is available (.zip, 65Kb). It's playable, but not really a game.
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