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IVAN the Terrible

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Prinz Eugn


Well, I finished that there robot I dun showed yeh yesterday.

It, Robot

So it's done, and man was it time consuming. I actually decided to try pretty hard on this one, to have something to show people other than spaceships or tiny airplanes, or stuff that I had a definite template for.

It's called IVAN, a prototype Mobile Armor Assault Thingy. It will be one of the bosses in the game, and will hopefully break away from the more static ones we've thought of before, which are so far(probably not in final order):

1. Aircraft Carrier *
2. Another Angels 20 Fortress *
3. T-151 Super Heavy Tank
4. Enemy Ace Pilot
5. Submarine
6. BFR (Big F**king Rocket) *
7. IVAN *
8. SHC (hrm?) *

*mostly or entirely done

What's the SHC? you may be asking yourself -well I can't tell you, but it's going to be the last boss in the game, and it's going to be awesome.

The first two I get to simply take from Angels 20, and what's left shouldn't press me for time much, but poor Sapo has to get his game on to get them up to spec.

"Spec" for the IVAN battle is going to be pretty sweet: At first it's just a giant robot slowly walking forward shooting you with some gatling cannons; nothing you can't handle. But then it starts to hover, and move back and forth really quickly and it starts lobbing missiles at you. Then after you have damaged it some, it pauses, fires it's huge rocket boosters and leaps into the air, and tries to blow you to hell with it's main armament, a sort of gigantic asault rifle.
Once you kill it, it has a limited time before it's reactor explodes, so time for one of those oh-shit-get-the-hell-out-of-here moments!

Mission complete.

So here's the goods:

Here's a split version so you can see some of the fine pixel work on the body. I'm proud of it, actually

Good times...


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Come over and teach me how you do that.

Wicked job man. Keep it up!

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I like it, although I'm not looking forward to rigging all those pivot points together[crying]

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I don't really know how that's gonna fit in but I'm eager to see how you've achieved it. Neat drawing by the way.

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Well, it's for Angels 22 -to partially address the problem of a lot of the bosses being sorta static or so big they might as well be.

I also wanted to draw a giant robot, because I haven't before and I needed something to show that I actually could.

In addition: Giants robots are really cool.

Oh and Sapo, remember that one game in Ms. D's? You have done walking animatioin before. The whole targeting and hovering thing is going to be the hard part.

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