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Instancing with OpenGL? When?

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I know that we are supposed to get some extension from NVIDIA sometime that allows instancing for geometry... I hope this comes out soon so I can implement it into my engine. Fixed an issue with the PPL normal map lighting I was using. I wasn't normalizing the lightVec and was causing my lighting to act all screwy. I did some tests with my VBO/IBO and determined that with unsigned short as the type I go from 40-42 using unsigned int to 55-58 FPS. Problem is with 257x257 you are over the 65k limit of unsigned short, so I would back it down to 129x129 but this isn't large enough, so I need to make my patches into quadrants and render 4 129x129 quadrants is what I am looking into to see if I can gain those extra FPS. Has anyone here bump mapped any models of buildings or RTS units? I haven't yet and am looking into it; I am planning on adding this into the engine, and will prototype it with Render Monkey to see what I may gain from it vs. non bump mapped units. Back to work.

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Original post by phantom
I can tell you that instancing is very much on the road map for OpenGL...

That is great news, I remember a post on opengl.org that someone said "We don't need it on OpenGL its only for DX" blah blah. Well I can think of plenty of examples where it would be nice on OpenGL, RTS games, vegetation ect... list goes on

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