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Superman Returns is an absolute piece of rubbish with no redeeming value. I had to fight to stay awake throughout the course of the movie, and resist the temptation to bust out my DS and play Tetris. Seriously. It sucked. Like having sex with razors. On a pile of broken glass. During a sandstorm. On an erupting volcano. As a meteor strikes the earth. And as the shockwave from the sun going supernova impacts your location.

I wasted my time - don't waste yours. [/bash]
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Everyone else seems to like it so that must mean you're different and strange, or a DS junkie. Better get your fix before you end up with the shakes.

I haven't seen it since I hate the theatre, I always end up next to a bunch of idiots or little kids(who are automatically idiots).

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I haven't actually met any of these people who have 'liked it'. All I've seen thus far are people who know people who like it.

I went with my little brother, and he agreed it was crap. So it can't just be me [razz]

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