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Sir Sapo


Hey Everyone!

I don't have anything new for you guys today, rocking out for 7 hours straight kinda tires you out, although I did have some grand ideas on the drive home that I hope to have implemented soon, but I'll elaborate later, I'm tired.... very tired.

Before I go, I have a revelation to share with everyone. Ever since I started working this summer, my game productivity has shot through the roof. Features are getting implemented faster, and with less bugs than any other game project before, which is wierd, considering I only get about an hour or two a day to work on the game. My theory is that I spend so much time at work thinking of ways to do stuff, and the potential pitfalls of each feature, that I end up eliminating bugs before I even start coding, and even then, I'm able to sort out the do-able ideas from the unrealistic ones because I think about it so much when I'm not working on A22. Anyways, I just thought I'd share that with you guys, and let you know that I should have something new to talk about tomorrow (assuming I don't blow myself up with fireworks[wink])

Anyways, I feel really bad that I haven't had a meaningful entry for 2 days straight, but I'll try my best to have something cool for tomorrow. In the mean time, check out Mark's Journal, as he's done some good art lately. Peace Out!
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What do you mean 'lately'? Marks art is always great!

/me demands a meaningful post. Not like I have any room to speak though [wink].

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