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My orifices are bleeding...

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Holy. Mother. Of. God.

The United States government does absolutely disgusting things to people who are self-employed. The tax system is utterly ridiculous.

The next time I hear some politician bitching about economic recession, I'm going to personally introduce a blunt object to his head, at high velocity. If there's any reason our economy is in the crapper, it's because our own fricken government is actively discouraging entrepreneurship by taxing you out every body cavity you've got, just for not working for The Man.

I'm extremely pissed off right now. Perfect irony that it's some kind of national fricken holiday. I think I'll go burn a flag or something.

Screw this crap, I'm moving to Europe.
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LOL... That doesn't sound to good. Care to explain a little further on what you are up to? That is aside of smashing large blunt objects against political faces.


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Small business ownership is one of the few places where Canada taxes its victims less than the United States (a bastion of Capitalism Incorporated(TM)).

Move here, and we'll love you long time. Unless you live in Alberta (which tries constantly to be America Jr).

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Europe yes, England NO!

Pretty shitty public transport, usually dull weather, ridiculous house prices, and too many bleedin' chavs*.


* - if you are wondering what a chav is, they're like the people in this video [WARNING - BAD SWEARING]

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Original post by ildave1
LOL... That doesn't sound to good. Care to explain a little further on what you are up to? That is aside of smashing large blunt objects against political faces.


The basic situation is that everyone actually pays taxes quarterly, not annually. (Well, really, you pay five times - once a quarter, then your annual return.) The thing is, most people don't know that, because their employer does the quarterly crap.

So, if you're self-employed, you now get the wonderful privilege of filing every 3 months - and not just filing, but paying a "liability tax" that is severely inflated over the actual tax you probably will owe. However, if you don't do this, you get fined very heavily. The stupid thing is, you have to file in advance of each quarter, not after it - which means you have to estimate your income and pay liability on your guesses. Oh, and if you happen to guess too low, you get fined.

Bottom line: if you work for yourself (or happen to be a contractor for an international company, which is my situation) you pay taxes 5 times. Four of those times are slightly more than 25% of Joe Average Citizen's annual return (assuming comparable income, of course). Then, on the "usual" April 15th filing schedule, you send in a sort of recap that compares your estimated income each quarter with your actual income for the entire year. Then the IRS says "ahaha you're a stupid sucker" and fails to give you a refund for the difference between your estimates and your actual income.

You know the little "tax withheld" box on your W2 form? Multiply that by 2 or 3, then pay that amount to the government every 3 months.

Honestly, pardon the French, but fuck taxes.

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Welcome to the club. My health insurance has tripled in cost since starting this venture, and the government's response to this crisis was to make it illegal for my insurance company to lower my bills by negotiating volume-deals with the drug companies.

On the good side, the government did create "medical savings accounts", which save me $29 a year in capital gains taxes.

[John waves his finger in the air thusly]

I'd burn a flag with you, but I can't afford the gas.

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