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Well, there's been a slight change in plans with my 4E5 entry. I've decided instead of going with a RPG, I'm going to make a simpler and faster game and it'll actually be easier to implement all of the elements; yay!

Some of the changes include:
Level based instead of quest based
No saving/loading; password system
You pickup money throughout each level and use it buy upgrades before the next level
Multiple characters to play as
Key-based movement (agh!)
Highscore system

On a totally unrelated note, I have a cookie for the person that can tell me the name of the game that had a level called 'The Credit Level'.

I'm almost finished with my second exterior map. I'm not doing the best at laying the buildings out effectively (they keep overlapping and such.) I'm getting better though[wink].

Poison ivy still hasn't dried up, but it hasn't gotten any worse thankfully.

Am I the only person that has been watching the Twilight Zone for the past 3 days?

Edit: Also, I recommend you guys check out TheShadowFan's blog (link at the top of my journal). He has some really good entries!

Edit2: I really need to start thinking things through before I post them >_<. Luckily I was smart and didn't erase my LoadGameDialog class.
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Am I the only person that has been watching the Twilight Zone for the past 3 days?

No, Twilight Zone is the shit, hell, its the ringer on my cell phone[grin]

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I'm also slowly warming to making a side-scroller level based game rather than an RPG, partly because there's just so much stuff that needs to be done for an RPG it's a huge risk, and partly because what with trying out Stompy's Revenge and Admiral Overalls combined with my natural love of side-scrollers is very hard to resist...

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Yea, Stompy's Revenge and Admiral Overalls are very good inspirations on doing a side scroller.

The reason I decided against doing an RPG is because having 4-8 monsters appear heavily throughout the game in an RPG would make it sucky. However, in a level based game it's not unheard of and, if done right, can be really fun.

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