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Glow fixes and patches and love.

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Many small patches to the game engine:

  • Conversations are now less jarring; you get an "Incoming Call" message that explains what the fuck is going on.
  • The minimap is slightly faster.
  • The name of each level is announced as you start. Right now: "We got motherfuckin' snakes!" and "A Smaller God".
  • Intro logos now spit out Jervin's brand of technohorror music as they appear.
  • Maps are more complete: The subway map is actually slowly becoming playable, and is actually quite fun.
  • Equipped weapons remain equipped when changing floors now.
  • Enemies can "see" you with a very shitty line of sight algorithm but cannot yet attack.
  • Fixed an obscure crash bug in the menu system related to key remapping.
  • You can now create enemies bigger than normal. Look below for more... this exposed a bug in collision, which I fixed! It also exposed a bug in corpse making, which I also fixed (I hope)
  • There's now an experience reward variable in the actor definition file.

Hopefully I'm ordering my Macbook Pro tonight, which means that I probably have like a week to work on Glow before the machine arrives and I waste all my time playing with it.

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