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[x] ! Kirby Canvas Curse

Pretty damn fun, much better than Sonic Rush (which is still an enjoyable game). I have the feeling its pretty short though, with only 8 worlds (3 levels per world) - already on 5-2 [sad]

Oh well.

I now have ~$10US in my bank account. Friday *should* be payday (I don't remember them withholding the first check...) and I *hope* to get about $400-500 (~70 hours of work, minus taxes etc etc), which is going right back into the bank. Mostly. Unless I find another "MUST BUY" DS game, which, looking at my list... yeah, I still need Brain Age. Its only $20 at GameStop, not a big deal though.

And I <3 those Red Stripe commercials.

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Must buy? Lost in Blue, Trauma Center, Ace Wright, Mario Kart, Electroplankton... I could go on. It's such an awesome system.


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Electroplankton huh? Hmm.. I don't know. Is it any fun at all? I don't really want to spend (waste) money on something that's "cool" and then just sits there to eat dust.

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