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RAM is here

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Well my 2GB's showed up today and does make a difference in overall system performance vs. 1GB and my Athlon64 x2. Played some TQ and so far it's rocks. Very much like Diablo2 but better GFX. Somethings are better to like the menus system. e.g. when you are selling or looking at buying items it shows your stats for the current item and the one you are looking at buying. Nice addition to the game. As for coding, I pretty much finished the book "Intro to 3D Game Programming with DirectX9c a Shader Approach" by Frank D. Luna. I haven't made up my mind as of yet whether or not I am going DX but the book does make me think about it a lot. I think if I do I could port it over in less than two weeks. So I looked at C# and decided against it for now, I already spent $100 on VC++ 2003 so I decided to stick with C++ for now, no real reason to switch for I like C++, but due to DX is MS only may as well jump on C# also then. Back to coding soon I hope. :)
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Many may say C# but I say C++. As for DirectX I say it is good as well. I like DirectX. Others may say OpenGL and I say that is good too. In short. C++ + DirectX is good. But C# + DirectX is not as good. My opinion is also good.

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Yeah I like C++, C# is so Java like. I had Java in college and found it ok, but alway liked the C++ way better. I just hope MS doesn't drop C++ for C# with DX, then I wouldn't care for that to much. I now ran into a new issue my VC++.net 2003 standard version isn't loading the new VC++.net 2005 projects and this is starting to be annoying. So I need some advice on what to do. Do you all think MS is going to put out a new IDE when Vista is out? Would I be better off waiting till then, and using the free edition of VC++ v8.0? How does the free edition compare to VC++ .net 2003? Same features? Thanks

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If I remember correctly Frank D. Luna teaches at the GameInstitute, I wonder how closely his DirectX courses there mirror the book you have just read.

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Microsoft will keep supporting C++ and DX. Yes they will eventually put out a new IDE when vista comes out but version 8 will work with it I think. If you're interested in DX now would be a good time to start, even with VS2003. DX9 will also be supported on vista so you won't be wasting time and you will reach a larger audience for your games with a library that still works on XP - unlike DX10 which doesn't work on XP.

Sorry I don't know the differences between the vs8 free and vs7.1 standard. I use vs7.1 standard and vs8 pro.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Ok Dave both me and Todd are wondering where the fuck you are?

Im about ready to track down your parents and see if you died.

Drop me and email.

chrisd AT plaidworld.com

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Original post by Rob Loach

Titan Quest. I love it, Diablo who?

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