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Stephen R


I was out and about for alot of today. I did manage to get a fair amount of work done. I got D3D integrating with a wxPanel in my editor window. I spent a half hour debugging a stupid error caused by an invalid pointer. I hate them so much.

I got the 3DView window f my editor displaying a nice rotating triangle. It mightn't look like much now, but that is actually the result of several hours programming. That beautifull triangle is product of the scene-graph which I implemented in the renderer DLL this evening. I now have a working scene graph structure which I can basically plug anything I want into. I love this 3D programming stuff. I also got started on the quad-tree classes. I should have the quad tree displaying a flat terrain by tomorrow evening.

Once I have the quad-tree displaying a nice flat ground I am going to have to figure out how to convert screen coordinates into model coords. That's going to be one the most important interface features of both the editor and the game itself. I think I'll spend a few hours reading up on it now.

With any luck I should have a decent screeny by tommorrow eveing.
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