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More than a year...

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Gosh... has it really been so long? I haven't written for more than a year...

A lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote:

1. I've been working for a german company writing picking applications using speech recognition. I had one of the biggest projects of that company which is Ford Motor Company.

2. I've quit that job early this year (in the end of january) to become a freelance programmer (again). This seems to work out quite well for now since I'm working on different projects (Ford Motor Company, own projects and... Sacred 2 from Ascaron/Studio II).

3. I've decided to do a major rework of my own engine and I'm currently working on some prototypes for casual and indiegames. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I'm a freelance programmer the working contracts I have suck up a major part of my time leaving me tired for the rest of the time that I spend with my family.

So overall, it turned out to be quite good for me in the last year. My wife (finally) accepted that being independant from any boss/company would be the right thing for me and I had to skip the original business plan I have done to actually accept the contracts I have now. Cash flow could be better but at least I do not suck up the money we've put aside.

My children grow up in a great manner. It's great to see them play together and having fun. They really love each other. If one is sad, the other one goes by and gives a big hug. As every other children they fight sometimes. But mainly they just stick together as if they're best friends... but this also means to my wife and me that they're playing tricks together against us. It's almost impossible to have a silent, settled moment when they're not in bed...

Well... normally my subsription ends mid august. I've been looking into sticking another year to this but the paypal stuff didn't work...

Have fun.
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It is unbelievable that it's been that long. I remember always reading your previous entries. Glad to hear everythings going ok.

About the GDNet+ extension. You can just let it end, and then get a new one. Your profile (and everything with it) will be stored for a while still, so you simply get access back to it.

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Thanks for your comments.

I think that I will restart writing here. Most probably I'll write about my engine, the games and other programming stuff.

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Interesting, I'd like to hear more about your experiences going it alone versus salary and the ol' 9-5. I guess you need all sorts of contacts and your own portfolio to hope to have a chance going it alone.

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