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Well after a week I finally got one of the monitors, the other one wasn't in so I have to wait for that. At least now I can give my old machine to my brother with a decent monitor. So I got one of the two ViewSonic 19" VX922, it's a nice clear monitor. But there is something about it that disturbs me, it's not the contrast because unlike my other monitor it's much brighter and sharper. It's in game play, I don't know about it, it seems almost too clear. My last monitor the 192N had a trail because of the low refresh rate, but it blended games very well because of this. The new one is so sharp that it doesn't seem as if it has AA with 2X on. What also bothers me is that the driver can only run at 60hz, I know this is a 2MS monitor so does it automatically refresh higher so I can disregard this or do I have to change it somehow?

Up until now I've mostly stuck with DirectX and haven't deviated much to other API's and libraries. But since I've been working in OGL recently I've found need and greater use in some of these third party libraries like FreeImage, so instead on completely relying on DirectX texture loading. I've actually been thinking about a system where all the image converting is handled by FreeImage and the loading of the surface will be handled by the API dependant class \ member function.

One of the large problems I'm having is compiling a library for DevCPP, I've done in VS7. But I don't have VS7 here at work, which is a pain but forces me to better my practice. So I've been trying to compile PhysFS and I'm not getting very far because there isn't a make file or a DevPak for this. It's very frustrating when all you need is a library (.a) and you can't compile it. Maybe it's just my inexperience, does anyone have practice compiling program with the .in and .am makefile extensions?
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It was even more frustrating when we needed a .DLL of PhysFS for Tao.PhysFs. Evolutional helped with that. I think you can still download his build on my site here...

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Thanks Rob, this is great! I've been working on this all morning at work and it's been driving me nuts I finally got to configure it and DevCPP didn't want to compile it, so I ended up making it in Cygwin. Didn't give me all the files I wanted though.

Which build version would this happen to be? Since the header isn't included I'm going to have to find a suitable one on the website.

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